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CV - Chief Visualizer

KTF Media was created from years of passion for Photography, Marketing and Real Estate.

With consumer decisions being influenced more and more by online information, the expectation of instant knowledge and the significant rise of 3D Virtual Tour models use in various countries, we saw a need for this technology to be made accessible locally and affordably. In addition, each KTF media team member brings 15+ years of experience to the table allowing us to confidently launch KTF Media.

We operate with client success top of mind, all the time! 

  1. Our success is determined by the success of our clients.

  2. Under Promise & Over Deliver. Exceeding expectations is what we strive for.

  3. Providing professional, fast and efficient service 100% of the time.


We're Always Open

e: kyle@ktfmedia.cap: 306.621.6896

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